"L.A.N.D. Botanicals Sweet Dreams Tub Tea is a great way to relax after a busy day chasing after kids. It has a lovely aroma and I love that it comes with a tea bag so that I don't get herbs all over my tub."

Jesse Lane Lee, CNP

"I was gifted some of Laurie's tootsie teas over Christmas.  They smell amazing and really helped soothe my sore feet!  I love them so much I decided to order some for my gift basket company.  Laurie has been great to work with, her packaging is adorable and the products were delivered quickly."

Megan Munro from Caribou Gifts

I just took a loonnngggg Sweet Dream Soak and I feel like I am walking on clouds.  The smell is heavenly, I want to bathe in lavender and herbs all day every day!

Jessica Jane

"My kids are I are loving L.A.N.D Botanicals Elderberry Syrup. I used to buy a product from the health food store, but I find this formulation so much fresher and tastier! Whenever I bring out the bottle my kids get super excited and always ask for more"

Jesse Lane Lee, CNP

"L.A.N.D. Botanicals Fire Cider is a kick in the face in a good way! It is super strong and able to blast any cold or infection. It is also a great way to wake up for senses and digestive system in the morning."

Jesse Lane Lee, CNP